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For An Effective Physio Treatment Package That Gets Results

What is the VIP Package

At the Pain & Performance Clinic our goal is to provide the best support to people looking to exercise, stay healthy and enjoy their sports pain free. We aim to provide you with the right guidance and give you unrivalled value for money.

 Our dedicated VIP area gives you access to all of our exercise libraries as well as a 45 min physio session or sports massage every month included in the price.

How does it Work?

After your first sports massage at the Pain & Performance Clinic your therapist will give you the best warm up activities and movements for you to focus on daily and pre exercise. All of these exercises will be available to you instantly in our Online VIP Members Area until the next time we see you and reassess you. This way you will get the benefit of a regular maintenance session to keep you feeling and moving better and you will also be constantly improving your own performance.


Breathing is the thing you do most often every day. Modern lifestyles of high stress and daily sedentary patterns can cause changes in our breathing habits. Breathing more efficiently can help you improve your daily and sporting performance. We offer simple but incredibly effective methods for you to improve your breathing.

Pain and Performance Clinic

Monthly VIP Membership

-45 min physio session or sports massage session every month
-Initial Assessment and movement screen to assess you for your chosen sport or hobbies.
-Bespoke exercises and movements to focus on in your warm up.
-Access to a Private Facebook Group if you have any questions etc
-Allow a family member to use your sports massage if it’s required.
-10% discount on standard physio appointments for you and two other people of your choice.

Plus Instant Online Access to:

  • Better Breathing Programme – steps to improving your breathing. We will show you techniques you can use in your daily life to help you sleep better, move better and give you more energy as your mind and body learn to relax and replenish.

  • 3D Stretching Library – These exercises replicate what happens as we move. Joints and ?? and ??? like muscles need to be able to move together and move in different directions for various ??. Each exercise is demonstrated and explained clearly.

  • Foam Rolling Library – Foam rolling is very popular but from our experience here in the clinic it’s being done incorrectly by 99% of people. We will show you the common mistakes and explain why this isn’t helping you and demonstrate the correct method to ensure you get the most from your foam rolling.

  • Strength Training at home library – 10 top exercises to get you the most ?? for you ?? done with no or minimal equipment (chair). Exercises are demonstrated and explained ?? with key coaching points

  • Core Training Library – This is another section that’s very popular but again is best done incorrectly by the majority of people. We will demonstrate specific core exercises done correctly and also core exercises when we are using our core in ?? task whether it’s running, being tackled by an opponent or lifting something from the ground. Exercises are done in progression and you will be guided through them each month.

  • So much more………

Physical Therapy Studio

At the Pain & Performance Clinic we are continually upskilling by researching and practicing techniques to help people perform better and stay injury free. As a VIP member you will benefit from our passion and avail of any updates to our programmes.

We will also promise that as a VIP member if our service charges increase for whatever reason your monthly rate will stay the same for as long as you are a member.

You will receive an email and get instant access to the exclusive VIP Member content. You can also book your monthly sports massage by booking online or contacting us via email or phone.

No. You can use your massage any day in the month that we have available.

Yes, of course. We just ask you to give us 3 months initial commitment to help yourself feel the benefits of our hands-on and online programme.

You can re-join the programme at the current monthly fee at that time.

We accept cash and cheques made payable to Pain & Performance Clinic. We also have a card facility available

As a VIP Member you can transfer your sports massage once every 4 months. Ideal if you’re away on holidays.


Questions, bookings or feedback? Contact me by any of the channels below. I’ll respond ASAP!

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