Top Glute Exercises For The Gym or Your Home

Top 6 Glute Exercises Done At Home Or The Gym

Why is glute strength so important?

Good glute strength can help improve athletic performance, posture and reduce the risk of injuries.

Injury Prevention

The glutes play a massive role in stabilising the hip. When the glutes are weak it can cause an imbalance in the hip, which may lead to other muscles that surround the hip to handle more load. Which in time can lead to injury. Glute strength can reduce the risk of any lower body injury including muscle and ligament tears and overuse injuries.

Studies have proven that by increasing your glute awareness and strength you decrease the risk of back injuries. Exercises including barbell squatting and deadlifts when done with glute awareness and strength takes pressure off the back.

Optimal Performance

Glute strength is a key component in almost every sport. The glutes can help you move and load more optimally. They control deceleration, accelerating, creating explosiveness, changing directions and hip extension. Strong glutes increase an athletes speed and power.

The following six exercises are to help improve glute function and strength. These exercises can be done at the gym or at the comfort of your own home. Please follow the instructions provided and focus on the technique demonstrated in the videos.

Glute Exercises:

Exercise 1:  Band walks:
•Start in a semi squat position •Place band around your ankles
•Toes in, heels out
•Keep tension on the band
•Should only feel it in the side of the glutes if you feel it elsewhere hip position needs to be adjusted •When fatigued place band over your knees
•Then squat down, knees pushing out against the band
•Do 2/3 sets to fatigue for a warm-up or 4/5 as a session

Hip Thrust

Exercise 1: Hip Thrust
•Start with shoulder blades on the bench
•Knees stacked over ankles
•Hinge hips down
•Keep back straight
•Look in between your knees
•Tuck pelvis (imagine bringing your belt towards your belly button)
•Push hips up
•Pause for 2secs
•10-15 reps
•3/4 sets


Exercise 3:  Lunges
•Start feet shoulder width apart
•Step forward with one leg •Front knee stays stacked over ankle •Sit hips down
•Push back to start position from front leg
•Add dumbbell weights to progress
•2/3 sets

Bulgarian Split Squat

Exercise 4:  Bulgarian Split Squat
•Start in lunge position
•Back foot on a bench
•Sit hips back and down •Return to start position •Front leg does all the work

Heel Touch

Exercise 5:  Heel touch
•Start with one leg on a step
•Sit your hips back and down
•Slowly touch heel off the ground
•Bring hips forward to start position •Standing leg does all the work
•3/4 sets

Kettlebell Swings

Exercise 6: Kettlebell swing
•Start feet shoulder width apart
•Hinge hips back and down •Drive hips forward
•Focus on technique in the video
•2/3 sets

Body awareness and technique is very important to feeling the exercises in the right area. These are examples of glute exercises and if you have an injury or are unsure of technique please contact Megan on 0867755952. 


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