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We see plenty of back pain patients here at the clinic and I would like to share a recent success story with you.

Just 3 months ago, Stephen aged 48, came to our clinic suffering of right-sided low back pain for the last 13 years. This pain had started to spread down into his legs and was so sore that it even stopped him from working.

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Stephen didn’t remember any specific injury or trauma that brought this back pain on – it just came on suddenly and gradually got worse. Stephen was scared – he didn’t know what to do. So he did what everybody would do and went to his doctor. He received an MRI scan where he was told he had two bulging disks and his only options were either surgery or a life on painkillers.

Stephen proceeded to take painkillers constantly over the next year but soon became fed up of the side effects they were having on him – and he was still in pain, so he stopped taking them.

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Next he tried a chiropractor that told him his spine was misaligned and this was the cause of his pain. So he received some hands on work every two weeks for the next few months – and felt some relief short term but the pain always came back to him.

He went to see a Physiotherapist who told him his weak core was the cause of his back pain, so he received a core-strengthening programme from the physio – which only made things worse.

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Stephen came to us after having tried everything else. He didn’t know what there was left to do.

If we fast forward to 3 months later, Stephen is a changed man. His pain levels have dropped significantly from an 6/10 to a 1/10 if he feels any pain at all.

He is able to work, walk the dogs and play with his children – things he hadn’t been able to do in a long long time.

Stephen achieved this through his hard work – we were there to guide him but he did the hard work. A therapist should work with you, not just on you!

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We started by reassuring him that his disc bulges may have been present before he felt this pain – in fact 64% of people with no back pain will have one or more bulged discs, more information on “Why Your MRI Is Hurting You” can be found here.

We used some hands on techniques to provide some immediate relief for Stephen which allowed him to start moving and exercising.

“Exercise is a key to the drug cabinet in your brain”

– Greg Lehman

Exercise and movement apply physical stress onto tissues, which is good for them. It teaches them to tolerate movement and adapt to it.

It desensitises the area and gives it confidence to be used again.

However what worked for Stephen might not work for you – the causes of your back pain could be completely different. This is why a unique assessment is essential for anybody suffering with back pain.

What worked for your friend might not work for you!

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