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Run Stronger Running Programme

At the Pain and Performance Clinic we are passionate about running and treating runners from a variety of backgrounds.

Running Programs for Beginners & The More Advanced

What is the Run Stronger Programme?

Our Run Stronger Programme is an individualised and comprehensive program for developing stronger, injury free and more efficient runners.
Our unique approach looks at a broad spectrum of areas to improve your running and performance.
We place emphasis on the following areas:
  • Breathing patterns
  • Airway
  • Pelvic control
  • Mobility and stability of all joints especially those relevant to running.
  • Individualised Strengthening
  • Running Technique
  • Injury Prevention Fundamentals
  • Recovery Strategies

What can you expect from the Run Stronger Programme?

  • An initial consultation discussing goals, injury history and movement assessment.
  • A collaborative approach to making the most of the programme. Our aim is to tailor our programmes as possible rather than trying to fit people into pre-planned programmes.
  • We may use hand on techniques where appropriate to facilitate movement, reduce pain or help with breathing patterns.
  • You will be helped through a process that will improve all the areas listed above over the course of the programme.
  • There will be videos of all exercises and techniques provided.
  • We are always available to assist between sessions.
Run Clinic

Who is this for?

  • Anyone who suffers with recurring injuries incl. knee, back, calf pain.
  • A runner who wants to become stronger, more robust and durable which will ultimately benefit their running.
  • Runners who are starting out and want correct advice and guidance to run better and stay injury free.
  • Advanced runners looking to improve their running.

How much does it cost?

Investment €300 for 6 sessions over 6-12 week period. (Payment options available).
Session 1 – 1hr                       
Follow up sessions – 30mins.


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