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At the Pain and Performance Clinic we are passionate about running and treating runners from a variety of backgrounds.

Running Training Evaluations & Injury Assessments for Runners

Run CIinic Services

What is it?
  • Our run clinic analysis assessment involves a consultation including current goals, injuries and training history.

  • We will carry out a movement assessment as well as a 2D biomechanical running assessment.

  • The assessment will take place on a treadmill and our onsite running track and will be videoed for feedback.

  • We look to highlight areas that might be contributing to injury or causing inefficiencies and focus on running improvements.

What can you expect?
  • You will get feedback on running technique

  • Specific running drills. These will be coached and you will get videos.

  • Advice on strength-training and areas identified for improvement

A review of the running technique is recommended at a later date to re-assess and receive further instructions for continual improvement

Run Clinic

Why get this done?

  • Running technique has been shown in very recent studies to contribute to running injuries,
  • Certain injuries such as knee pain and shin splints have been shown to have a greater association with poor running technique.
  • Poor technique not only can leady to overuse injuries but impacts on overall efficiency and performance.
  • Injured or uninjured runners can improve their running technique to be more efficient, faster, stronger and reduce risk of running injuries.


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Follow up Session €70 – 45 min session


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