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Run Clinic Physio Company In Dublin

At the Pain and Performance Clinic we are passionate about running and treating runners from a variety of backgrounds.

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Is The Run Clinic Right For You

  • Are you a frustrated runner suffering with on/off with injuries?

  • Have you been told never to run again due to an old injury even though you would love to?

  • Are you someone who want to achieve running goals, from 5k’s to marathons and everything in between.

  • Do you wants to continue running for many years but fear you may be doing your joints damage or have been told this by doctors, therapists or friends?

  • Are you a runner who wants to become more confident in their own body to deal with the demands of running?

  • Do you want correct advice and guidance to improve your running and stay injury free?

  • Are you an advanced runner who wants to slowly and safely add more volume and intensity to their training by developing a more durable base?

Run Clinic

If you answered yes to any of the above

..then our clinic is a good match for you for the following reasons:
  1. We help take away the fear and myths surrounding returning to running.
  2. We develop key areas to your running and don’t seek quick fixes.
  3. We work closely with runners on a 1:1 basis and formulate realistic plans based on your goals.

What does the Run Clinic offer?

We have set up a dedicated running clinic to offer bespoke treatment plans for runners.   The clinic is headed up by our therapist running Physio Gary Scott.

Our goals are facilitating runners back from injury, keeping them injury free and empowering them to learn and improve as runners, regardless of level and experience.

Running injuries are commonplace with a wide combination of contributing factors. At the run clinic we leave no stone unturned and assess all these factors.

Run Clinic

They Include:

  • Running Technique
  • Area for Strength Improvements
  • Breathing Patterns
  • Movement Analysis
  • Training History & Programmes
  • Injury History
  • Other factors that impact running injuries such as work and life stresses.


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