Golfers Treatment At The Best Dublin Spine And Sports Physiotherapy

Golfers Treatment At The Best Dublin Spine And Sports Physiotherapy Clinic

Do you enjoy playing golf but suffer from aches and pains? Or would you like to improve your golf swing?

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Golf Is A Sport With A Lot of Repetitive Movements

Therefore been pro-active can prevent injury and improve performance. If you have pain during or after playing either in the low back, neck, shoulder, elbow or hip areas this should be assessed.

In order to play pain free and get the most power or accuracy out of your swing you need all your these body parts working together. Weakness or poor motor output in one area will lead to another area working harder to compensate.

Golfers need to consider the mechanisms involved in striking the ball – to do so well means a lot of rotation throughout the body such as in the spine, hips and shoulders. During your swing you get a lot of rotation at the thoracic spine (middle of your back between the shoulder blades) and the hips.

If there is something preventing or restricting this rotation your body will try to get the rotation from another area, such as your lower back. Therefore you may experience pain at the source of the restriction or elsewhere leading to inefficient movement and performance.

Physical Therapy Studio


At the Pain and Performance Clinic the treatment is always specific to what the individual needs.
It may include:
– Improving Breathing
– Soft Tissue Manipulation
– Improving Mobility and Strength
– Dry Needling
– Home Exercise Programme
– Bespoke Warm Up Sequence

Who will Benefit?

– Golfers of all ages and ability who want to improve their game.

– Golfers with an ongoing injury that is preventing performance or causing pain.

– Anyone who is injury prone or has chronic pain due to golf.

– Anyone who wants to move and feel better not just for golf but for all hobbies and daily activities.

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