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About Us

The Pain and Performance Clinic caters for the treatment of musculoskeletal and sports related injuries.



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Our Approach



We listen to your story. Every person’s pain is unique to them. Your experience of pain provides us with the clues needed to help you live pain free. We promise to focus on the true cause of your pain and not just treat the area that’s sore.


Explain your Pain

It’s important to understand what your pain means and also what it doesn’t mean. We provide you with a clear understanding of your own experience of pain and this can enable you to be more proactive and improve quicker.


Tailored Treatment

Everything we do at the Pain and Performance Clinic is tailored to your goals. We use hands on treatment to speed up your recovery when it’s needed. We also provide you with bespoke exercise programmes designed specifically for you. The exercises are sent to your phone directly after the session. We will provide you with a clear pathway to returning to your desired activities as soon as humanly possible.


Self-Management Toolkit

Our aim is to find the cause of your pain and to provide you with the tools needed to make yourself more durable. We want you to progress to self-management, independent of therapists and to be able to enjoy the things you love to do. We will provide follow up help and support via phone and email support, online videos and our members facebook group.

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Tommy Brennan
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