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5 Marathon Training Tips

As I write this, I am currently building up running mileage to take part in a marathon in June of this year. Its 18 weeks from this week so I’m currently in a base phase of training to prepare my body for heavier mileage and harder sessions.
The goal of this phase is to build a solid foundation so that in the 12-14 weeks leading up to the marathon I can run all my key sessions well with less risk of getting injured and also to be able to recover quickly between sessions.

Spring is a busy time for many preparing for marathons across Ireland and the world. At home we have the Connamarathon, Belfast and Limerick marathons, along with Cork in June. In Europe the Paris, London, Manchester and Rotterdam marathons draw Irish runners aplenty. Those lucky enough to get an entry will head stateside to take part in the infamous Boston Marathon, one of the ultimate bucket list experiences for most marathoners.

The following 5 tips will help you with your training, to aid you in staying injury free, running stronger and recovering quicker.

Tip 1 – Planning:

Plan your training in advance, factor in work, travel and family commitments. If you plan you can rearrange your schedule to fit runs in where there are gaps in your day in advance. Last minute planning tends to lead to missed runs.
A good habit of many successful amateur runners is to fit running into their daily commute or work day, so where possible run to or from work or on your lunch break.

Tip 2 – Loading:

Don’t try take on too much too soon. If you feel good after a hard session that’s great and a sign of progress, it shouldn’t mean you go and run your easy run faster the next day. Easy runs are designed for recovery, make sure your marathon plan involves rest, easy runs and not back to back hard days of running, unless highly experienced.

Tip 3 – Strength:

Aim to do body weight exercises at least 3 times per week. 15-20 mins of exercises like squats, lunges, band walks can be fit into most people’s schedules and will help build strength and durability in the muscles we use running. Incorporate them into your warm up for convenience.

Tip 4 – Nutrition:

Food and water are what keeps the body fuelled for activity and it helps for recovery after too. Choose whole natural unprocessed foods 80-90% of the time and drink water regularly for a simple formula to stay ahead in this area. Like anything forward planning in this area is crucial, precook foods and snacks as much as possible so something healthy is always available.

Tip 5 – Sleep:

This goes hand in hand with Tip 4. Sleep and nutrition are just as important as your runs. Sleep is the body’s natural recovery process, add in an extra 30 minutes to an hour whenever possible or a power nap 20-30 mins as an alternative.
On big mileage weeks make extra sleep an absolute priority.


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