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Meet Tommy, Founder & Lead Therapist At Pain & Performance Clinic

tommy brennan physioTommy is a qualified Physical Therapist and a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS). He qualified in 2011 with top grades and has been upskilling extensively in all areas of treatments since.

Tommy has helped countless patients in Dublin and all around Ireland recover from all kinds of chronic pain and troublesome sporting injuries. Tommy was a keen athlete himself who suffered several injuries in his playing days. The frustration of being in pain and not being able to train and exercise inspired him to change career and become a physical therapist.

The frustration of being in pain and not being able to train and exercise inspired him to change career and become a physical therapist.

The Pain & Performance Clinic team are known for getting people back doing the things they love to do. That could be getting you back to work, enabling you to play with your children and/or exercising completely pain-free at whatever level you desire.

Meet Alan, Qualified Physical Therapist & Lead Therapist At Our Run Clinic

alan beirne physioAlan is a qualified Physical Therapist and a Lead Therapist at our Run Clinic. He qualified in 2015 with a distinction and has continued to up skill in all areas of treatment, especially in the areas of running and pain management.

Alan is a key member of the Pain and Performance team and he’s passionate about helping all his patients back from injury to doing all the things that they enjoy.

One area of his specialty is providing advice and technique coaching to runners who are looking to get that extra edge or simply continue to run injury free and stay healthy.

The causes of pain are very individual and the team here pride themselves on treating each patient individually as a one size fits all approach isn’t what produces the kind of results we have come accustomed to.


What Makes Us Different?


Our goal here at the clinic is for you to not need us or any other healthcare professionals. We want to give you all the tools you need to make yourself healthy again and return to doing all the activities you enjoy in your life. We do this by combining education with exercise and movement and hands-on technique when appropriate.

Most people want to know the following four things:

→   What’s wrong with me?

→   How long will it take to get better?

→   What can I do to help myself?

→   What can you, as a Clinician, do to help me?

Your individual exercises will be sent to your phone directly after the session as well as any other guidelines you may need to follow.

We invite you to check out some of our 5* reviews from our previous/current patients on Google to learn just how effective our approach to treatment is.

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Pain and Performance Clinic

Want some Help To Get Better Faster

At the Pain and Performance clinic the focus is on finding the source of your pain rather than just treating the painful site. If manual physical therapy is required, this is followed up with exercise prescription to allow you to move better and take control of your recovery.



Testimonials & Success Stories

  • Without doubt the best most knowledgeable physical therapist about. Arrived to Tommy about 3 weeks after dislocating my shoulder. Was given a treatment plan immediately and shown simply how to conduct the exercises (video recording of the exercises was extremely helpful.) Tommy was always available for any questions I had. Not only did I recover from the shoulder injury by trusting his judgement and knowledge but I did so ahead of schedule. If you follow this guys instructions to the letter, you will recover from your injury and be back to normal in no time. Honest, realistic and very reasonably priced for the top class treatment you are getting.

    Highly recommend! Cheers Tommy.

    Barry O’Brien
  • During training for marathon I had a lot of problems with my hip. Tommy took time to understand the issue (which ended up being as a result of my running style) & gave me a set of tailored exercises, that didn’t take forever to do every day. Tommy balanced my recovery plan with the fact that I needed to keep running in order to hit marathon distance in time for the event.

    Couldn’t recommend Tommy highly enough, so much so that I have already referred a number of friends.

    Elaine Kelly
  • I have being treated by Tommy the last couple of months for lower back pain and this clinic is without doubt the best in the business. It started when I was getting lower back pain for the last year and a half, I went to different physio’s/ chiropractors in which they all were sending me for MRI’s, after the first and second session with Tommy I could feel relief and I am now fully recovered.

    I can’t recommend Tommy enough.

    Adam Rodgers
  • I started seeing Tommy after 7 months of chronic groin/ hip pain and had previously went to numerous other clinics for physiotherapy Dublin without recovering from injury. Tommy took a completely different approach by looking at the big picture and the root of my pain/injury. After a lot of hands on work and individual work on rehab exercises, I was finally able to progress back into running and from there back on to the playing field. I found Tommy’s expertise in how to manage the return to play and to stay injury free particularly helpful with his background in GAA.

    Received top class service from day one and would recommend to anyone.

    Michael Loftus
  • I had 5 months of therapy with the clinic and throughout this time Alan was extremely helpful with anything i had questions about and very professional. Times of sessions were very flexible and the rehabilitation process was very easy and also very enjoyable, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who unfortunately comes across an injury and I will most definitely be returning for any future problem I may have.

    Paul Murphy
  • I used Alan in the pain and performance clinic after a recommendation from a fellow footballing friend. I had problems with my back, hips and hamstring that had stopped me playing football. Alan’s completely different approach from the previous 6 physios I had used had almost instantaneous effect. I am back training and playing Gaelic football now, something I had been told by some that wouldn’t happen. Alan is a great listener and is especially good at tailoring programs to the individual rather than being given a set of generic exercises. The exercises given are clearly demonstrated and followed up with whatsapp video messages to ensure proper form and execution.

    I would recommend anyone to try even one session with Alan to hear about his ideas on functionality and injury prevention. After that you will be back for more.

    Brian White
  • I recently got a recommendation from a girl in my gym who couldn’t speak more highly of Tommy. Having spent the last 10 years with chronic neck and shoulder pain and nearly monthly visits to chiropractor when this were bad, I decided to give Physio a try as I was desperate to find a more long term solution. I genuinely cannot recommend them enough Tommy made me look at my pain and injury in a different light having always been afraid to light weights above my head for fear of doing my neck in again. I can honestly say I have been pain free for last couple of weeks since my visit and if a get a twinge of pain it doesn’t last as long because of exercises he has given me.

    Thanks so much Tommy.

    Sandra Lawless
  • As I sit here working on my breathing exercises Tommy gave me, it’s not only helping me immensely with lower back pain it had given me time to look back over the history of my pain over the last 5/6 months. I had attended my Physio and moved on to a chiropractor for dry needling over a course of 5 months, pain became a constant which I battled with daily in my right hip and lower back – exercises, pain medication and treatments only alleviated the pain for maximum 24 hours. I never felt I was on the road to recovery. However, I first discovered Pain and Performance Clinic via Facebook, the reviews and videos got me thinking I need this kind of treatment. After my first visit within 24 hours the pain had lessened about 25%, 2 more visits and I’m back training up to 5 sessions a week! Working hard on the exercises and a road to recovery is well and truly on the way.

    Couldn’t recommend Tommy any more, his knowledge, techniques and professionalism are top notch!!

    Kim Níc An Chroí
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